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Mobile Responsive Website - Iroy web designer singapore

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What Is Mobile Responsive Website?

Mobile Responsive Website is a modern approach to design the web pages, in a way that all the content, images, pattern and structure of the website adapts according to the screen of different Devices like Tablets, Mobile phone, Laptops etc.

The term Responsive refers to the ease you feel, while reading the similar page, very comfortably through different viewing angles. Webpages layout easily shrinks, resized or zoomed across all your devices, with a responsive interface.

Mobile Responsive website is the latest trend, which has proved very efficient for the users with touchscreen devices. The design effectively responds to the user commands and modifies itself flawlessly, in accordance to the platform and orientation (vertical and horizontal). The term ‘Responsive’ often creates confusion, as some people refer it to a mobile responsive feature, which is incorrect.

If you are looking for a mobile optimized website, then as the matter of fact, you are supposed to have two different websites, one for the desktop and second for the touch screen mobile. Whereas, with Responsive Design you are all set with just one website as the responsive design, as it modifies the content suitable for the User’s screen and the environment.

Why Mobile Responsive Website?

The most important benefit you get by going for a mobile responsive website design layout is the cost competency. No matter, Responsive themes are much costlier than normal designs, however, if it saves you big bucks in the long run, by eliminating the need of refining your websites again and again to suit different devices.

  • If you are a businessman, then responsive design boosts your leads significantly, as your content is accurately accessible through millions of other devices on the web.
  • It saves your time and effort, as you don’t have to manually alter the coding and language, which is quite a troublesome task
  • Google has officially shown its preference to the responsive Web Designs and that makes it worth consideration. Who knows that with next algorithm, Google starts considering responsive websites for higher ranking.
  • Responsive design gives an ease of compatibility with the latest cross platform feature updates like, OSX YOSEMITE, Windows 10 etc, by the giant companies.

What are the cons of Responsive Web Designs?


lthough Responsive Websites are very compatible and comes with alluring designs, but sometimes it could break down your web pages under some situations

  • Apart from your smartphone, Your normal website work completely fine with the desktop/ notebook screens and tablets. So, just to target smart phone audience, you don’t need to go all over again by creating a responsive design. Rather, you should just go for a mobile version of your site, which would be cheaper and authentic.
  • No matter what the platform is, responsive websites always take the same loading time, which is required primarily in desktop version. And one should never forget that, usually our mobile connectivity is lower as compared to desktops. When you do this; a load time increases, eventually leading to more bounce rate and less conversion.
  • Advertisers often give you the guidelines to display their ads with specific display size. It is a big disadvantage, as with the page shrinking, the ad display becomes smaller. Therefore, resulting in a potential revenue loss.
Improvement / 85%
Speed / 80%
Result / 92%


What are the cons of Responsive Web Designs?


  • Ease of Compatibility
  • Time and Cost Efficient
  • Multiple varieties in designs
  • Adaptive to cutting edge cross-platform feature


  • Speed Issues
  • Some Advertisement Incompatibility

Our Score -4 out of 5
Final Verdict – Excellent

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